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June 25, 2015

A very warm welcome to you, and thank you for joining us :)

This week, Matthias Noback looks at compartmentalisation within the PHP community, discussing how easy it is for neutral, or funny, tweets to be misinterpreted as negative comments.

Also, following on from the recent SitePoint framework survey, we take a look at one of the most popular ones to come up; Nette.

Our Programming with Yii2 tutorial series continues, this week introducing Validators.

Plus, if you have ever wanted to contribute to the PHP Manual, we bring you a step-by-step how-to guide.

ZendCon 2015 has been announced, taking place in Las Vegas this October. Early bird tickets are currently available.

And finally, this week's Loosely Coupled podcast is a mash-up with PHP Roundtable, recorded live at php[tek] 2015.

If there's anything you'd love to see in that we're not giving you, please drop me an email at [email protected].

Katie and Ade

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Google App Engine for PHP Reaches General Availability
Two years after Google announced beta availability of its App Engine for PHP, the company has finally made it generally available.

Get Useful PHP Packages Recommendations Faster
Since last year, the PHP Classes site has a section for users to request recommendations for packages that address their specific needs. The recommendations section has grown a lot lately, but until recently authors could not recommend packages that were not approved in the site. The site just implemented a new feature to overcome this limitation. Read this article to learn how this feature works, and how authors can quickly submit packages that address the users' needs and eventually be nominated for the innovation award faster, without waiting for their turn in the approval queue that can sometimes get too long.

Compartmentalisation in The PHP Community
As a member of the PHP community, Matthias Noback likes to keep track of what's going on in the community, considering Twitter to be the proper place to look for news from the community, as well as a great place to check in on the pulse of the community. What are people happy about, what are people looking at, who are they trolling? However, neutral, or even funny, tweets can get misinterpreted as having a negative tone. Read his take on some examples.

Nette Framework: First Impressions
SitePoint’s PHP channel conducted its annual survey on the most popular framework of 2015. Within the results we saw some familiar names: Laravel, Symfony2, Phalcon, Silex, Slim, etc. But wait, what is this: Nette? This article takes a look at Nette, what it can do and some of it's features.

Tutorials and Talks

Popular Users per Language and Region with Silex and Github
The Github API V3 is a very powerful set of API endpoints that you can use to retrieve useful information about your repositories, activities, and events. Not only that, it allows you to access public information on others. The fact that it has libraries in many languages, and platforms, is also a big plus; it allows you to get down to writing code very fast.

Programming With Yii2: Validations
In this Programming With Yii2 series, I'm guiding readers in the use of the newly upgraded Yii2 Framework for PHP. In this tutorial, I'm going to introduce you to Yii2's validators. Validators simplify the code needed to validate input, i.e. verify conformance or non-conformance of data input, typically from users via web forms. The data you can get through the GitHub API V3 is mostly what you can see on the GitHub web interface, except you can use the data in your application to come to interesting conclusions. That is what we are going to do in this article.

Meet The Bundle: ControllerExtraBundle
This is the first post of a new series called "Meet the bundle" dedicated to promote Symfony bundles developed by the community which are not yet well-known. Annotations are one of the favourite topics to engage in a discussion with other developers. In this article we'll introduce ControllerExtraBundle, which is a bundle that provides even more annotations to perform common controller tasks. One of those annotations is called Pagination, and it allows you to create and inject paginator objects.

Emails in Zend Framework 2 with ZF2-AcMailer Version 5
Last month the Zend Framework 2 module ZF2-AcMailer version 5.0.0 was released. This new major version includes some important improvements, and a new configuration system that allows multiple mail services to be registered. This article explains all the new features of the module.

Introducing API Platform (beta): The Next Generation PHP Web Framework
What better gift for PHP's 20th birthday than a brand new set of tools to kickstart modern web projects? Here comes Dunglas’s API platform, a framework for API-first projects built on top of Symfony! Like other modern frameworks, such as Zend and Symfony, it’s both a full-stack all-in-one framework and a set of independent PHP components and bundles that can be used separately. In this tutorial, we will create a typical blog application with API Platform.

Introduction to Chain of Responsibility
The Chain of Responsibility is a behavioural design pattern that processes a request through a series of processor (handlers/receivers) objects. The request is sent from one handler object to another and processed by one (pure implementation) or all of the handlers. All the handlers are part of the chain. In this article, we’ll explain and demonstrate the Chain of Responsibility pattern.

Internal Value Representation in PHP 7 - Part 1
The author's previous article last year described the improvements to the hashtable implementation that were introduced in PHP7. This follow up looks at the new representation of PHP values in general. Due to the amount of material to cover, the article is split into two parts: This part will describe how the zval (Zend value) implementation differs between PHP5 and PHP7, and also discuss the implementation of references.

Simplify Your PHP Applications Testing Using LXC in Your Development Environment
LXC is a lightweight virtualisation technology that runs on top of Linux to create application testing environments, without having to install full virtual machines. Read this article to learn how to setup LXC to test your PHP applications on your development environment, without waste of resources of your machine, and with great control of the software you use to test your PHP software with all other software packages and tools.

Serving PHP on HTTP/2 with H2O and HHVM (Symfony, WordPress, Drupal...)
HTTP/2 as a protocol was locked down in February 2015 and published in the May of same year. It's the first major revamp of the most important (IMHO) protocol since 1999. This is a hands on article to get started using HTTP/2 today with popular tools such as Symfony, WordPress and Drupal with the HHVM PHP runtime from Facebook. You can just as well use PHP-FPM.

Contributing to the PHP Manual
If you've been wanting to contribute to PHP internals, starting with the documentation can be a great entry point; especially because it doesn't require dusting off those old C books from college. But knowing where to start can be tricky since information on how to contribute to the docs is scattered across the internet. This article is a step-by-step guide of how to contribute documentation to the PHP manual.
News and Announcements

Drupal 7.38 and 6.36 Released
Drupal 7.38 and Drupal 6.36, maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. See the Drupal 7.38 and Drupal 6.36 release notes for further information.

PHPLicengine v2.0.4
PHPLicengine has launched v2.0.4. This licensing software works with some well-known encoders and helps you to provide licenses (both locally and remotely) to your own clients when selling your scripts.

ZendCon - October 19th-22nd 2015, Las Vegas
Now in its 11th year, ZendCon is the "must attend" event and the largest gathering of the PHP community. ZendCon brings together industry thought leaders, recognised PHP experts, enterprise decision-makers, IT managers, dev and ops teams, and independent developers for four days of professional and business development. Early bird tickets are available now.

MLAPHP Boot Camp - 11-12th July 2015, Online
This 8-hour camp will combine lecture and "live" coding with examples. In particular, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to get answers specific to your own modernising situation, and to chat with other attendees. Think of it as a conference training experience in the comfort of your own home, without the travel hassle and hotel expense. Tickets are available now.

Northeast PHP Conference - August 22nd-23rd 2015, Boston
The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community. Two days of talks ranging from starting work in the industry to expanding your skill set as an experienced user, there are sessions for everyone! General tickets are available now.

PHP Conference Asia - September 22nd-23rd 2015, Singapore
A new conference has been announced, the PHP Conference Asia. With Rasmus Lerdorf already confirmed, the Call for Papers is now open.

DrupalCon - September 21st-25th 2015, Barcelona
DrupalCon brings together thousands of people from across the globe who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. It is an action-packed week of all things Drupal and features a full schedule of educational, networking, and contribution opportunities. Early bird tickets are available now.


Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 60 - PHP 7 to be Even Faster Than Expected
With the latest experiments with the Feedback Directed Optimisation patch, it is possible that PHP7 will be 10% faster than the implementation with other optimisations already implemented for PHP7.0. That was one of the topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in Episode 60 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

The Loosely Coupled Podcast: Episode 23 - Live From Php[tek] 2015
This is a live mash-up episode with PHP Roundtable from php[tek] 2015 where we are joined by Sammy Kaye Powers from PHP Roundtable, Jordi Boggiano from Composer, Coderabbi, and a host of other people drifting in and out of the conversation from the audience. This was a special episode where we commemorated the success of PSR-7 with an ice cream cake.

Acquia Podcast: Real World Change with PHP and Community: "The Sky's The Limit."
Michelle Sanver - developer at Liip - and I sat down and talked at SymfonyCon 2014 in Madrid. Michelle and I have a number of interests in common (community, FTW!) and I really enjoyed getting to know her better in a conversation in front of my microphone and camera. We covered her long history in PHP, her SymfonyCon presentation (Life After Assetic: State of Art Symfony2 Frontend Dev) the PHP Renaissance bringing communities together, Michelle's "open source addiction", building PHP applications that touch the lives of almost everyone in Switzerland, and more.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #46 - Orange is The New eBay Black
Phillip sits down with Matt MacDougall of Xtension Galaxy at IRCE 2015.

Run Geek Radio Podcast: Episode #5 - Time Estimation, Conference Talk Rating, Contest Winner
In this episode Adam Culp announces the winner, David Stockton (Colorado), of the contest launched in Run Geek Radio episode 004. HUGE congrats to David who will be receiving a VariDesk Full Standing Desk. I look forward to hearing how he likes it.

PHP Round Table Podcast Episode 23 - PHP's Major "Bus Factor" Problem
Inspired by a lively Open Spaces session at php|tek 2015, we discuss how PHP's ecosystem could be threatened by a not-so-obvious bus factor, and what we can all do to keep things thriving.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Ben Ramsey
This week Cal Evans talks to Ben Ramsey, long serving member of the PHP community.

Reading and Viewing

Raspberry Pi 2: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 2 User Guide (by Tony Brianson, published 9th June 2015)
How to get the perfect operating system up and running on your Raspberry Pi 2, right from the professionals!

Web Programming for Business: PHP Object-Oriented Programming with Oracle (by David Paper, published 15th Jun 2015)
Focussing on fundamental PHP coding, giving students practical, enduring skills to solve data and technical problems in business. Using Oracle as the backend database, this book is version-neutral, teaching students code that will still work even with changes to PHP and Oracle. 

Lorna Mitchell - What's New in PHP
See Lorna's presentation from this years PHP UK Conference, in London.


Helpling in Berlin is Looking for Experienced PHP Developers (m/f)
Helpling is one of the most dynamic start-ups in the vibrant centre of Berlin, Germany. It is our mission to provide our services as easily accessible and conveniently as possible. To achieve that, our service is available online and through our mobile app. Up to this point, Helpling is active in more than 200 cities in 12 countries around the globe. To enhance the technical architecture behind the scenes, we are currently looking for experienced PHP Developers (m/w) to join our highly professional and dynamic IT team in Berlin.

Operations Engineer - Expensify
Expensify prides itself in solving a real world problem with a team of motivated, top notch engineers. We are passionate about eliminating our customers’ expense report pain, and are looking for equally passionate people to join our team. Operations Engineering is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure used by our applications. We work closely with the product development team to expand and enhance our deeply integrated service platform. Our goal is to develop and support a platform for consistent deployment, while ensuring operational flexibility.

To post a job advert please contact [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

The PHP Security Advisories Database references known security vulnerabilities in various PHP projects and libraries. 

PHP application deployer.

The charcoal-core module contains abstract classes and interfaces as well as basic functionalities to create a Charcoal Project.

Asparagus is a SPARQL abstraction layer for PHP. It's design is inspired by the DBAL query builder.

A modern, super fast XML/RPC client for PHP >=5.4

This is the PHP library for the uap-core project.

Knob is a PHP MVC Framework for creating templates for Wordpress.

governor framework
Governor Framework is a Command and Query Responsibility Segregation library for PHP 5.5+.

Mobly PHP developer test.

CollectionType is a library that provides Collection and Map with their subtypes which are checking types of data set for PHP.

A PHP front end for hosting Git repositories on your server.

Lean framework is a tiny PHP framework.

Abimo is a super lightweight and fast PHP MVP micro-framework.

CliTools for Docker, PHP/MySQL development, debugging and synchronisation.

A variety of library-grade code, tests and reference implementations in PHP.

Twig, the flexible, fast and secure template language for PHP.
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