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May 23, 2024

Hi everyone,

It's a week of comebacks in this edition of PHPWeekly. This week in Podcasts we have new episodes from PHPArchitect and PHP Roundtable. Derick Rethans joins the people at PHP Roundtable to discuss security in PHP, PHP Internals, and Tracing. At Mostly Techinical it's the Laravel vs. JavaScript discourse as one of the topics, while at Frontmatter they interview Phil Sturgeon who is the author of the Leanpub book Surviving Other People’s APIs. In Tutorials we have a guide on error handling in Laravel, Understanding Prepared statements in PHP and MySQL, as well as a fun guide on how to turn a country code into and emoji flag. Finally in our Reading section we have 5 useful Laravel packages to help enhance your capabilities, as well as a quick and easy guide on PHP Syntax. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. If you're a student or developer on the move and want the latest PHP news and updates in one place, then subscribe to PHPWeekly.

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A Look at What's Coming to PHP 8.4
PHP 8.4 is coming soon and in this post let's look at what has been announced so far, and what new features you might expect.

Disable Vite During Testing in Laravel
I recently had a project where I wanted github actions to run the tests of a laravel project but i didn't want to install node and vite during the CI process.

Performance Metrics Using Guzzle
In this article we're going to investigate how you can track performance metrics using Guzzle. Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client that makes it easy to send HTTP requests and trivial to integrate with web services.

New Proposed Array Find Functions in PHP 8.4
Four new array functions are likely coming to PHP 8.4 that are still in the RFC voting stage. We're encouraged that the voting is already 100% "yes" votes thus far, with voting ending May 29, 2024. While the RFC acceptance of these functions is pending, it seems likely that these functions are coming to PHP 8.4.

Handling Nullable Relationships in Laravel Models: Best Practices vs. Manual Checks
When dealing with relationships in Laravel models, such as the author relationship in a Post model, it's essential to consider the best practices for handling nullable relationships.

Unlocking the Power of Attributes in PHP
In this article, we will take a look at PHP attributes, their syntax, usage, and practical applications, especially in the context of the Laravel framework.

Can Your Website Handle the Amazon Treatment? Node.js vs. PHP
Imagine Amazon built with PHP. Every time you search for a product, the entire page would have to reload from scratch to show the results. This can be slow, especially during peak hours with many users searching at once.


Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
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Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
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Technical Support Manager - Remote
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Tutorials and Talks

Laravel Passport: API authentication with access and refresh token
In Laravel, we can use authentication systems like Scantam, and Passport. Still, Passport is one of the most popular authentication systems in Laravel.

Turn a country code into an emoji flag
Flag emojis are a fun and visual way to represent countries and regions. These emojis are part of the Unicode standard and are created using a pair of regional indicator symbols.

Laravel 9 - Use Fake data in blade File without Create Factory
In this section, we will see how to incorporate fake data directly into Blade files without the need to create a factory file. Utilizing the fake() helper method, you can swiftly prototype designs and populate them with simulated data.

How to Check MySQL Database and Table Sizes
From modest few-megabyte databases perfect for small-scale applications to behemoths spanning several terabytes designed to handle extensive enterprise-level data – MySQL databases display a broad spectrum of sizes.

Automating Financial Statement Analysis for Microfinance: A Developer’s Guide: Part 2
This is the second and final part of the series on how to automatically analyze financial transaction statements using the SAT tool.

Understanding Prepared Statements in PHP and MySQL
Let’s dive into what prepared statements are, their benefits, and how to implement them in PHP and MySQL.

Error Handling in Laravel: Graceful Degradation
Laravel, the ever-reliable PHP framework, comes equipped with powerful logging and error handling features to empower you as a developer.

News and Announcements

CakePHP 5.1.0-RC1 Released
Improvements: Connection now creates unique read and write drivers if the keys read or write are present in the config. Adding associations with duplicate names will now raise exceptions + so much more.

Symfony 7.1.0-RC1 released
Symfony 7.1.0-RC1 has just been released. Here is the list of the most important changes since 7.1.0-BETA1.

PhpStorm 2024.2 Early Access Program Is Now Open
Today, we’re opening the Early Access Program (EAP) for the next version of PhpStorm.

A Week of Symfony #907 (13-19 May 2024)
This week, the first release candidate version of Symfony 7.1 was published so you can test it in your own projects before the stable release in two weeks. Meanwhile, we continued publishing more talks and information about the upcoming SymfonyOnline June 2024 conference.

Laracon AU 2024 tickets are now on sale
The first release of Laracon AU tickets are now on sale, with Blind Bird pricing available for $549 per ticket - an early discount of $150 on this year's ticket price - but be quick, as Blind Bird tickets are limited.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly: 383: Theoretically Absolutely
This week on the podcast, Eric and John talk about Tek Talk Videos Live, MySQL CTE, ULID, and more...

The Stack Overflow: OverflowAI and the holy grail of search
Product manager Ash Zade joins the home team to talk about the journey to OverflowAI, a GenAI-powered add-on for Stack Overflow for Teams that’s available now.

Maintainable Podcast: Andrea Guarino - Leveraging Static Analysis for Better Code
In this episode, Robby interviews Andrea Guarino, a Software Engineer at Sonar, about the importance of leveraging static analysis tools for maintaining clean and adaptable code.

Software Engineering Radio: SE Radio 616: Ori Saporta on the Role of the Software Architect
Ori Saporta, co-founder and Systems Architect at vFunction, joins host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about the role of the software architect. The episode begins with Ori’s thoughts on what is typically missed or overlooked regarding this role.

Shoptalk Show: Strum Machine with Luke Abbott
Luke Abbott is the creator of Strum Machine, an app that simulates backing tracks by stitching together individual notes, chords, and strums recorded on guitar, standup bass, and mandolin.

WP Builds: 373 – No Script Show, Episode 10 – User Preferences: rethinking web design
We get into some of the new features that have been added to CSS and what they enable you to do, and how widely supported they are.

PHP Architect: php[podcast] 24.05.21
John and Eric share more of the day-to-day behind-the-scenes work that goes on at php[architect].

The PHP Roundtable: 089: PHPRoundtable May 2024
Derick Rethans hooped on to the show to join Eric, Sara, Joe, and TJ, and discuss security in PHP, PHP Internals, and Tracing. Here are some links from the show.

Frontmatter Podcast: Phil Sturgeon, Author of Surviving Other People's APIs
Phil Sturgeon is the author of the Leanpub book Surviving Other People’s APIs. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Phil about what he’s been up to since he was last on the podcast, co-founding the environmental charity Protect Earth, and his latest book, Surviving Other People’s APIs.

Mostly Technical: 35: Laravel vs. JavaScript with Dax & Adam Elmore
Ian & Aaron are joined this week by Dax & Adam Elmore to discuss the Laravel vs. JavaScript discourse, selling coffee over the command line, and a lot more.

Software Unscripted: Season 1 Episode 91 Comparing F#, Elm, and Haskell with Michael Newton
Richard talks to Michael Newton, a programmer working as a consultant and trainer who has used several different functional programming languages in professional settings. 

Syntax: React Server Components with PHP, Selling Accessibility, WTF is Cloudflare + more
Potluck episode answering submitted questions on various web dev topics.

The Changelog: Kyle explains "Legacy Software" to the aliens
Taylor Troesh writes Kyle explaining “Legacy Software” to the aliens, Vitaly Friedman addresses why so many designers feel misunderstood and under appreciated in business contexts, Oracle dumps Terraform for OpenTofu & hackers discover how to reprogram NES Tetris from within the game.

Reading and Viewing

Is class instantiation without extra parenthesis coming to PHP 8.4?
The RFC for omitting parentheses around the new expression is likely coming to PHP 8.4. This RFC is currently in the voting phase, with 21 "yes" and 3 "no" votes. Voting ends May 24th, so there's still a chance the 2/3 vote could fail, but optimistically, it looks like it's heading in the right direction.

Avoiding Imports and Aliases in PHP
In this post, we'll explore strategies to avoid excessive imports and aliases, ensuring a more maintainable and straightforward code structure.

Removing orphaned Parents with Doctrine
Previously, we considered a common real-life case where, to maintain referential integrity, we might delete all child entries when the parent entry is deleted. For example to delete author with all his articles.

5 Useful Laravel Packages to Enhance Your Development
Laravel’s extensive ecosystem offers countless packages to extend and enhance its capabilities. Here are five useful packages every Laravel developer should know about. Let’s dive in!

PHP Syntax Made Easy: A Quick Reference Guide
Taming the magic of PHP? This blog is your ultimate companion! Get clear explanations, code examples, and a cheat sheet to solidify your PHP syntax knowledge. Let’s write some powerful code!

Implementing Feature Flagging in PHP Using AST Parsers
In this article, we’ll explore how to implement feature flagging in PHP using AST parsers, specifically with the nikic/php-parser library.

Web Development’s Full Circle: Are We Back to PHP in the JavaScript Era?
As we embrace new technologies, we can’t help but hear the echoes of the old ones — especially PHP. But is this really a step backward, or are we just seeing innovation come full circle?

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Scans PHP files for malwares and known threats.

PHP library for Yandex.Direct API.

PHP-based tool to calculate and display SMS segmentation data for a given message body.

Invite users into groups via links and give point to the inviter.

A bundle to perform automated crud actions to entities, includes pagination.

Some useful classes to manipulate Office Excel files with PHPExcel library.

Coercive FatalNotifyer Utility.

Intercom integration.

Parser for properties files.

API Token authentication for laravel.

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